Getting pricing right first time prevents costly and time-consuming project delays.



Getting pricing right first time prevents costly and time-consuming project delays

With Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors often under a lot of pressure to stick to tight deadlines and expected budgets, you want to be sure you are receiving an accurate, compliant quote against a specification – first time.

There are many moving parts to a project, and we know how much being accurate in quoting is appreciated by our clients, demonstrated by the fact that more than 70% of our work is repeat business. Inaccurate quotes contribute to delays due to the inevitable discussions around whether or not those items should have been allowed for or not, as well as the subsequent time taken to remeasure or requote. All this can make things both more expensive and time consuming for a client as the project progresses.

Digging into the figures

We have heard stories all too often where clients working with some contractors find that the quote that seemed too good to be true, is just that. After issuing an order, they’ll discover that some costs have been omitted or some necessary requirements have not been allowed for, and all because of the way an item has been described, or because a detail drawing hasn’t been issued.

Another approach that some less scrupulous contractors take is to make the bottom line cheap in order to get a meeting with the client as, once at the table, there is a good chance a deal can be struck.

It is disappointing to come across it in the industry, but it definitely does still happen.

Another way that clients get caught out is when, due to pressures of time and budget, quotes are reviewed from the bottom up rather than the top down. The client takes the 3 cheapest bottom line figures and analyses them, disregarding the others. But it could be that the 4th cheapest may have priced to do the full job where the other 3 hadn’t, leaving clients to actually miss out on what would have been the most cost effective way to complete the job.

When the numbers add up

At Eden Facades, we are committed to quality and customer service, and a review of our work over the last few years shows us that 95% of our quotes didn’t change, other than for variations or extra works.

We take the same approach for all enquiries, large and small. We try our best to price to do the job so that there aren’t many, or any, surprises to come for our clients. It’s one of the reasons clients come back to us time and again.

Detail from the outset

It should be said though that the quality of our quotes is only as good as the information we are issued. We are not able to quote for something if you don’t know what it is. So, we always try to guide our clients to issue a full and correct enquiry pack which should include elevations, plans, sections and importantly detail drawings as well as a detailed specification. Together with information about the expected programme, access requirements, delivery and storage restrictions, this level of detail limits the unknown, unexpected and unbudgeted.

Our experience is available to you to draw on so that you can get the most accurate estimate possible. Always feel free to drop us an email, pick up the phone or arrange site visit so you can get the information you need.

Helping clients keep a handle on cost and timing

Just like delivery of the work, our process for preparing a quote is thorough and we take pride in applying the same diligence to every size of project, large or small.

By ensuring we have taken the time to look at all detail and eventualities, we can be sure our quotes are accurate, and reduce the unexpected costs that clients would otherwise have to subsequently fund. The amount of detail and thought that is reflected in every aspect of our projects right through to completion, starts at the outset with preparing an accurate quote.

If you want a proper job done, get in touch – talk to us about your next project.

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