How QA delivers on time and budget.



How QA delivers on time and budget

Unfortunately, it’s an all too common perception within our industry that delays and cost overrun are inherent parts of a construction project. In fact, research from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) suggests that three out of five construction projects are completed late[1] and fewer than one in three projects (31%) came within 10% of their original plan, so for some it might not be a perception but a fact.

At Eden Facades, however, we refuse to accept this as the norm, and work hard to change this perception through setting high standards and then backing these up with systems and processes, including the adoption of digital tools to keep us on track.

Reduce the chance of delays

Delays to a project not only have a negative effect on clients and contractors, but to the relationships between the entire workforce.

They can also cost the client up to 20% more than the estimate[2].

And if you’ve been on the receiving end of a cost increase, you might not want to hear it could have been avoided by your sub-contractor employing more precise management from the outset.

We’ve found that one of the most efficient ways to mitigate delays is to have a robust quality assurance (QA) process in place. Having a clear procedure for site managers and office-based staff to follow results in better documentation and project schedules. It also creates an internal culture that puts emphasis on continuous improvement and delivering excellence for our clients.

We use the same process for all our projects, applying the same rigorous QA procedure to all works, whatever their size. In this way, smaller projects benefit from processes that might usually only be employed on larger projects with bigger budgets.

We aim to deliver our projects on time and on budget, and have the knowledge to draw on to ensure our quotes are accurate and fully encompass all the elements required by the brief. Even with the best will in the word, the scope of nearly all projects will change at some point, so we have developed the flexibility and processes to be able to deal with these changes, without passing on additional cost to the client.

Make better decisions, faster

As an industry, we remain one of the least digitised, with spend on technology accounting for less than 1% of revenues for construction companies and only half of contractors tracking information at all [3]. The benefits of embracing mobile technology are clear to us, so we moved away from a paperwork-based QA process several years ago, using an online system which allows the office to understand what’s happening on site, instantly.

Our site managers can access the system whilst on site, completing health and safety reports, uploading photographs, ensuring the chosen materials are being applied correctly and making notes directly onto the system. Anything that needs to be resolved can be looked at in real time, alongside any photographic evidence. We know this improves accuracy and saves our construction team hours in administration for every project we work on.

We’ve found that so many issues can be avoided by having this real-time data and the overall improvement in communication and co-ordination that comes with it. All the site paperwork – from timesheets and inspection checklists, to digital versions of our own forms – is managed in one place, allowing us to focus on delivering better results for our clients (not to mention a reduction in the amount of paper we have in the office!).

We don’t want our industry to be labelled as ‘inefficient’, and we certainly don’t want to contribute to the problem. We’re proud of the high standards we set ourselves, because we see how it ensures we deliver the high-quality work we’re known for. As our Managing Director Tony Hill says, “When we started trading, we set our stall out to do a good job and be good people. Those who’ve met me know that I say this, a lot. Company culture, or ethos, is just so important and it starts at the top but it’s important to ensure that we have processes in place to ensure everyone knows their contribution is just as vital”.

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