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Lightweight Structural Framing

Site fixed lightweight steel framing (SFS) is another of our key disciplines in which we have gained over 20 year’s experience. We are able to install both infill and over sail systems to meet the architectural design.

SFS is a structural framing system that is more flexible, lighter, quicker to install and a cost effective alternative to traditional brick and block work.

Our supply chain partners are able to provide fully warranted designs covered by professional indemnity insurance.

Being so experienced we find that we are often recommended to new clients by our supply chain partners.

The benefits

  • Speed of build, up to 60% quicker than traditional build
  • Water tightness achieved quicker
  • Zero drying time
  • Precision engineered products manufactured to tight tolerances ensuring exact performance.
  • Lightweight but high strength
  • Cost effective solution
  • Large spans and large structural openings can be designed in.
  • Steel sections are 100% recyclable, helping to meet tighter Government legislation.
  • Supply chain partners in-house design team can be involved at all stages of the project to offer a cost-effective design solution.100% recyclable

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