Kingsley Healthcare, Holt, Norfolk.



Project Details

R G Carter (Norfolk)
2023 - 24
Secret fixed Petrarch cladding and 3mm PPC aluminium feature cladding, Fascias and panels
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Project Description

Kingsley Healthcare is a development undergoing works through main contractor R G Carter, in a prime location in Holt, North Norfolk. The construction of 66 homes has been completed to provide a new premier care home in the area.

Having worked with R G Carter on a growing number of projects, including Orwell Quay and De Grey Road, we partnered with them again to develop this next-generation care home, to carry out the installation of cladding.

The project demonstrates our commitment to quality and effective project management. It reinforces our ability to build long-lasting relationships with clients, from their initial brief to the final installation.

Our scope

Our scope of work included installing the cream Petrarch rainscreen cladding, a mechanically fixed system known for its natural aesthetics, robustness, and longevity. This cladding, chosen for its ability to blend seamlessly with the surroundings, provides extreme weather resistance to Class O fire performance and has a proven performance and life expectancy of over 30 years.

Bronze aluminium rainscreen cladding fascias on balconies and panels were also installed as feature cladding across various sections of the building.

The design process

From the outset of the project and throughout, to ensure the original vision by the client was met for the project, our design team worked closely with R G Carter to ensure that the design brief presented to us met the specifications and could successfully be installed by the Eden Facades installation team.

Kevin Johal, our Design Manager at Eden Facades, played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this project. From the initial brief, Kevin’s leadership was instrumental in designing the layout, panels, and cladding details and collaborating with the installers to address any issues. Kevin comments:

“As Designer Manager, my role is to design according to the architect’s intent, ensure that it works with the chosen materials, and then pass this on to the installers on-site.”

With any project, this includes back and forth with the client following any queries relating to design on shortages regarding material availability for instance.

Overcoming challenges: Our attention to detail

Ensuring successful delivery project from design to installation is all in the detail. Discussing the challenges on the projects and how they were overcome, Kevin added:

“During the design process, when deciding the widths of the panels, we size as close as we can to the design in intent. Depending on the standard of how big a panel can be, sometimes the architect is not aware our panel can be a certain size or it can be cut to a certain size. That’s the difference we offer as a specialist subcontractor. We will then liaise with the client to ensure that they’re happy with our proposed solution.”

For this project, secret fix cladding was chosen. This adds concealed fasteners to create a seamless and refined exterior surface appeal but also offers structural benefits by minimising moisture infiltration and optimising ventilation. From a design perspective, this brings its challenges:

“With a normal bracket and rail build-up installation, there is more tolerance for where panels could go. To ensure every aspect lines up, the design needs to be spot on—to the millimetre—which allows the installers to fit the panels accurately. Fortunately, this did not pose any problem, and this allowed the project to progress without any delay.

“Our strong relationship with R G Carter was key to ironing out these types of concerns during the project and avoiding potential delays on site.”

Effective collaboration ensures seamless operations with R G Carter

Having worked with R G Carter on previous projects, we believe that our reliability, effective communication and ability to deliver the job right first time, are the reasons we receive repeat contracts, with this latest project being no exception.

The project began back in 2023 and was completed in early 2024, and we’re pleased with the outcome of this project and how it ran smoothly.

Paul Michaelson, Construction Director, comments:

“The team did a fantastic job from start to finish. The success of projects is the result of working collaboratively from design right through to installation.

“Having worked with R G Carter on many previous projects, we have continued to build on an existing partnership following the successful completion of this project for this care home. We look forward to working with them on many more projects in the future.”

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