Little Reddings School, Hertfordshire.



Project Details

Morgan Sindall
2023 - 24
EWI Pro insulated render system; Mineral Wool Insulation Slabs; soffits, fascias, copings and flashings by Trueline
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Project Description

Our successful collaboration with Morgan Sindall on the construction of a new school in Bushey, Hertfordshire, is a testament to our ability to work with industry leaders and deliver high-quality projects. This project was part of the DfE School Rebuilding programme, a major rebuilding and refurbishment government initiative for school and sixth-form college buildings across England.

Morgan Sindall approached us to install the EWI system, a task we were more than prepared for, with over 25 years of experience in installing EWI systems. We have demonstrated our expertise in recent projects, such as the Meadows Estate in Hounslow and the Fairview Pru School in Basildon, and have a proven track record in delivering high-quality results.

A state-of-the-art net-zero facility

The project was driven by a commitment to utilise sustainable technologies and building techniques. The ambition was to build a net zero carbon in operation school to further support commitments to a sustainable future.

Morgan Sindall, in line with the project’s commitment to sustainability, used their carbon assessment tool CarboniCa throughout construction. This tool allowed them to estimate, manage, and reduce carbon emissions during the building’s design, construction, and life cycle.

An offsite-manufactured composite (MMC) timber frame was specified for construction, and environmentally friendly solutions such as heat pumps were incorporated into the design and implementation of the project, further enhancing its sustainability credentials.

The client opted to install an EWI PRO rendering system known for its outstanding thermal properties. This system effectively retains heat, reducing the energy required to maintain a comfortable temperature in colder months while also preventing excessive heat build-up in the summer, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint over the building’s lifespan.

Our scope involved installing the EWI PRO rendering system and Mineral Wool Insulation Slabs. The client specified these insulation slabs for their exceptional acoustic, thermal, and A-rated fire performance.

Overcoming weather and installation challenges issues

As with any EWI project, the weather can play its part. Rendering requires optimum weather conditions that are not too hot or cold, and rain-free, to ensure the application is correctly installed. Our team worked closely with Morgan Sindall to choose the optimum time to install the render whilst minimising disruption to the overall project’s progress.

In what was a relatively smooth-running project, one challenge that arose, and was expertly handled by our team, was the installation of some window flashings. Steve Mountford, Project Manager at Eden Facades, explains:

“In addition to the EWI system installation, we installed the flashings, which were bespoke made, and screwed into the timber window surrounds. The flashings on the ground floor were installed using a different system. As a result, we had a few issues because the brickwork didn’t match the timber aperture, it was set back slightly. This meant the flashings were going back at a slight angle, so we had to reduce the back sections from 25mm to 15mm to allow for that.

“These types of issues can arise on any project, but our team had no trouble resolving the issue.”

Steve has a broad range of experience, gained from working on EWI projects within all sectors, and manages all such projects at Eden Facades. Steve adds:

“Having worked on many of these projects, I was confident that this one would run smoothly and Morgan Sindall would be happy with our quality of work. Apart from the normal challenges that arise on most projects, it’s been a smooth process from start to finish.”

A testimony of our commitment to quality and client-first approach

In addition to our EWI installation, the client approached us, requiring fascia and soffits to be installed at the entrance of the school building. Our team designed and carried out the installation, working alongside a reputable and reliable supplier, Trueline, who measured up for us and supplied the materials.

Steve explains the can-do approach to all projects:

“As we always do at Eden Facades, we’re always working and adapting to support the project and the client in any way we can. This highlighted that our client was happy with the work we’d already done throughout and that we’re trusted to carry out this additional installation.

A successful collaboration and team effort

As this project nears its final stages, we’re pleased to have contributed to constructing this environmentally friendly school and working alongside Morgan Sindall.

Paul Michaelson, Construction Director at Eden Facades, comments:

“We always aim to provide quality service to all our clients. Having worked on projects in the past with Morgan Sindall, we are pleased to be able to deliver a seamless installation for this new school. We look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

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