Project in progress: Orwell Quay, Ipswich.



Project Details

RG Carter
Summer 2022 - Summer 2023
Wetherby A2-rated insulated render system; Cedral Click cladding as a rainscreen system; Proteus A2-rated spandrel panels; Alideck A1-rated aluminium decking system; James & Taylor terracotta tile system.
Project in progress: Orwell Quay, Ipswich2022-11-02T10:15:44+00:00

Project Description

Having worked with RG Carter previously on a cladding remediation project in Colchester, we were recently brought on board again for our latest project with them in Suffolk.

The elegant skyline of Orwell Quay in Ipswich comprises modern, high-rise residential buildings that combine glass, steel and brick to provide one of the most desirable residential areas in the city.

Our scope at Orwell Quay includes installing replacement cladding and rectifying the fire barriers at two multi-storey occupied residential blocks on the quayside. Our team will replace the existing insulated render system timber cladding and timber decking with new fire-rated systems.

We will be providing scaffolding, hoists, and HAKI stairs for this extensive renovation. All our equipment is tested rigorously to industry standards and national legislation; and we are confident in the ability of our trained staff to implement and use all equipment safely.

Onsite, and on track

With the project now underway, there will be an Eden Facades team on-site every day until the project ends in the summer of 2023, including a site manager and assistant manager.

Our onsite team will work closely with the team from RG Carter to keep the project on schedule, communicating any potential delays or challenges to our office-based team and ensuring that works progress as smoothly as possible.

Paul Michaelson, Eden Facades Construction Director, comments:” One of the initial challenges with any cladding remediation project is what we find once the existing material has been removed. On the De Grey Road project, for example, we found that instead of the blockwork substrate we had been expecting, there were cladding panels on metal studwork to the staircase and lift shaft. We’re confident that should there be any unexpected discoveries on this project, we will be able to resolve them through collaboration with fire consultants and the team at RG Carter.”

Keeping disturbance to a minimum

As the buildings will be occupied by residents throughout the project, noise disturbance is a consideration, so we will be in consultation with the onsite residents’ liaison officer supplied by RG Carter, and taking on any advice and recommendations.

Paul explains: “We are all working on renovating the buildings with as little disturbance to residents as possible, so it’s vital to keep communication open and honest throughout the project.”

Weather warnings

As we head towards winter, wet and freezing weather are (unfortunately!) elements we cannot control. However, we can control how we respond to these factors, and at Eden Facades we are well-known for our flexible approach and ability to deal with unforeseen circumstances. As experienced specialist subcontractors, we know that collaboration with other trades on the site is vital in order to find ways around any challenges that may be on the horizon.

Eden Facades are really looking forward to working with RG Carter again, says Paul:” The team at RG Carter appreciate that we know what we’re doing and put their trust in us. We have engaged with a fire consultant who will be on hand for advice if required, and communication is good from both sides.

“Since we have worked with many partners – including RG Carter – Eden Facades is in the enviable position to have developed many trusted relationships with both main contractors and our wider supply chain.

“We’re very much looking forward to building on our partnership with RG Carter during this exciting renovation in Ipswich.”

Watch this space for further updates as the project progresses!

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