The people behind the projects: Steve Mountford, Site Manager.



The people behind the projects: Steve Mountford, Site Manager

Steve Mountford is a specialist in render and insulated render systems. A site manager with over 30 years’ experience, Steve ensures the Eden Facades team continuously deliver excellent service and maintain positive relationships with contractors and suppliers alike.

Way Back When

Joining the Eden Facades team in 2013 might have been his first step with the company, but the relationship Steve has with Construction Director Paul Michaelson takes them back over 25 years. Starting out on the tools together, Steve and Paul progressed through different roles, converging again in 2013 when Paul brought Steve into the growing Eden Facades business.

Prior to joining Eden Facades, Steve had worked as a Site Manager, a Project Manager, and run his own company supplying labour to the industry. Steve talks below about his work for Eden Facades, and taking pride in his job.

Managing day-to-day operations

My role is to oversee the Eden Facades projects, especially those requiring render, by managing our SMSTS certified Site Managers, who are responsible for our teams nationwide. I will monitor the progress of all projects, reporting back to head office and the Main Contractor, ensuring the safety of the team, and dealing with any issues that may arise.

This means that my diary includes daily site visits and regular catch ups with head office, where we will recap on the current program of works. We prioritise communications about what we are achieving on site, to ensure that every project stays on course. We take our role very seriously as we know project timescales have a cost implication, not just for us, but for the main contractors and end client as well.

When I arrive on a site, the first thing I do is see the team, checking in with them on an informal basis before they get set up for the day. I then complete a site safety check, documenting anything needed with photographs, followed by an additional quality check. I will then check our materials and speak to the Main Contractor on site to update on their progress as well. It’s vital to me that I am happy we are producing work of a quality that is representative of the Eden Facades service.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and at the beginning of each job I receive a starter pack including the scope, specification and pre-survey results. On my first visit to a site I’ll also carry out a site remeasure, ensuring the drawings are accurate to the final build before commencing work. This ensures we provide the highest quality service when we start.

Making a difference

I am the first point of call for our Main Contractors and I take that role very seriously. We have good partnerships with our installers, and our suppliers, and they know we prioritise quality and safety.  As a result of the robust Quality Assurance processes we have in place, each project is easier to manage, and it enables us to deliver the quality our clients expect.

Safety first

The materials we use and the work we do haven’t actually changed a lot over the years, but there have been huge changes in the industry’s approach to Health and Safety. It’s our starting point on every project and one of the most important aspects on a building site.

The on-site team will be shown the relevant Health and Safety “Toolbox Talks” from our APE Mobile app, the system we use to carry out our documented QA checks, toolbox talks and site inductions.

In terms of safety, COVID has obviously been a challenge this year for everyone. We initially faced some closures of sites by Main Contractors, but we made sure our processes and procedures were prepared and effective, ready for when the sites were opened up again. Early changes included single direction entrance and exits around sites, wearing masks and keeping distance, in line with CLC Site Operating Procedures. We are working outside, but we still ensure we deliver COVID site safety.

Stand out moments

I’m proud of all the jobs we work on and the high standard of finishes we produce. We completed a job recently for Whitfield Aspen School in Dover, where the scope from the Main Contractor (Darwin Group) was for Wetherby Epsitec insulated render system, with Eurobrick brick slip system and Trespa rainscreen system, all installed onto timber battens. As a completed project it was one of the most aesthetically pleasing I’ve ever managed, and I know the client was very happy with the result.

I approach my work as though Eden Facades were my own company – everything has to be right – it’s not just a job, I take pride in every element.


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