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Windows and Curtain Walling

Eden Facades provides a full window and curtain walling service for both new build and redevelopment projects. After offering the individual aspects of cladding and rainscreen protection, external wall insulation and lightweight steel framing systems for many years, it became clear that some of our clients would benefit from a package of works to complete their redevelopment project.

By using our full envelope service, our clients are minimising their costs and streamlining the construction process. Instead of engaging multiple contractors, one team oversees the entire project enabling us to anticipate and solve any potential problems before they become an issue, resulting in fewer delays and less duplication of work. This level of flexibility means we can revise plans according to the project’s needs. For example, we can bring in additional workforce to speed elements up, or twin-track several elements so that your overall schedule remains unchanged.

When using Eden Facades, you get the benefit of working with a multi-disciplined company with over 70 years combined expertise within the facades industry, coupled with a high level of personal service.


The benefits

  • Streamlined project management
  • Consistency across the project
  • Flexibility across the moving parts of the project
  • Fewer delays
  • Proactive problem solving
  • A more cost-effective service

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